Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Week 22!

Week 23 Post will come this afternoon...

Pregnancy: 22 weeks

Sleep: Sleeping SOOOO much better due to my amazing Body Pillow from Matt!
Gender: BOY

Names: ehhh still  no names... I'm going to corner Matt this week becuase I want to get our list down to at least the top five!

Feeling: Another great week.
Health: I'm doing pretty well... Back is not at 100 % but I think that it is as good as can be expected when i work 12 hour days and have to do stuff around the house when I get off.
Got a massage also last week which is always helpful.

Movements: We are having a lot of movement. I think that we must have a little boxer on our hands! For now, I'm just continuing to enjoy all this moving around before it really becomes uncomfortable. =)
Next Appointment: OB: May 31st at 23 weeks!!

Non Baby Highlight of the Week:
  • I was able to stay at the Viceroy Resort & Spa in Palm Springs for 4 nights and just relax! More on that later in the week!!!

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