Friday, August 3, 2012

32 Weeks

Pregnancy: 32 weeks... in the eight Month!

Sleep: Not sleeping very well... I only get up once with Sophie in the middle of the night and that usually jives with when I need to your the bathroom myself so that part isn't too bad... I'm just plain uncomfortable at night at this point. I toss and turn constantly and each time I do move I have a worried puppy that pops up on the side of my bed to make sure that I am still there.

Name: Hunter Matthew Park

Feeling: Still feeling good. By the end of the day I am drained of energy but again the shorter hours at work have been GREAT!

Hospital Bags are packed... just in case and car seat will be installed by next week.

Health: Feeling sick today but otherwise doing well! At my Tuesday appointment my Doctor said that he is happy with how things are currently going (Haven't had a breathing issue in a few weeks) and hopes that this is a good indication of an easy delivery... haha... Little does he know I complain all the time just to Matt not him! And I never ask any questions at my appointment so in that way I'm easy.

He also said that with baby number two you can usually expect for labor time to be cut in half... from his mouth to God's ears! Emma was 23 hours of labor!

Movement: Lots of movement.. according to "the bump" movement will begin to slow down at this point as Hunter runs out of room... What they don't reveal is that after this point it starts to feel like the baby is going to burst through the middle of your stomach as they are getting stronger... I remember the pain from Emma's movements in the last two months.

Belly: Measuring at exactly 32 weeks! Very light linea negra, and my belly button is poking out a little. Still no stretch marks!!!

Next Appointment: 16 August at 34 weeks.

Non-Baby Highlights of the Week:
  • Having Emma back home! She was missed so much for the two weeks that she was at camp.
  • Bridesmaid dresses are in for Holly's wedding! It will be here before we know it!
  • Starting to test out some casserole recipes as I will be premaking a few to eat after Hunter's arrival
  • Taking a class to learn Quick Books... want to be ready to start a business.. hint hint on what might be coming for the Park Family in 2013.
  • Some home improvement projects that I will share with all... at some point.

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