Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hunter's Bathroom

I have decided that my project for the week is going to be Hunter's bathroom. It is a room that I have not previously shared with you and a part of my house that I have honestly never used... we except for storage... is that odd??

Well here is the space in all of her glory... I took these photos at night so excuse the light quality.

I cannot stand this medicine cabinet... Matt thinks that we need to keep it for storage... but I'm not a fan at all.. The little cup dispenser between the toilet and sink was the first item removed!
and for some ugly details.... A white plain tension rod with plastic curtain rings and an almost see through white thin shower curtain (All items that came with the house) OH... and the paint is HORRIBLE. There is inconsistent coverage with a TON of missed spots!

Matt has already replaced the toilet seat... this one has a built in toddler training seat built in and it is slow closing... let's just say that Matt had a traumatic experience when learning to potty train and we were a little worried that we wouldn't be able to have any Baby Parks... so this is one of the first things he purchased when we found out that we were going to have a boy.

The wood and gold knob will need to be updated.

Here is a close up of the fixtures that we are currently dealing with... The white and gold just does NOT fit with my taste

Here is my "mood board" for the space:

Really like the idea of having wooden shelves behind the toilet to add some storage. I would like to use leftover wood from the rustic wall that we are doing in the bedroom and plan to use Container Store Shelf Clip Brackets. The Clips on their website are chrome but I will spray paint them Oil Rubbed Bronze so that they match the other hardware in the bathroom.

Also, I will not be using the exact fixtures above... they are all just as a guidance to get the ball rolling.

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