Thursday, November 13, 2014

Goals for November

So the month is already almost half over but...

Here are the goals for the month (I've already managed to mark a few off... which is good considering I only have 18 days left)
  • Run a 10k - Will be running a 10k in Annapolis on 22 NOV with a few other folks from work. If you have any advise on running in the cold let me know! I'm a mouth breather when I run and so my throat feels like death after just a few minutes.
  • Order Christmas Cards
  • Organize photos from the year for Christmas Gifts
  • Make Advent Calendar
  • Operation Christmas DIY - I would like to AT LEAST make one gift for each child in the month of November
  • Surprise Party for Matt- DONE!!!
  • Make Christmas Gift Lists

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