Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Park Family Christmas List...

So for Christmas I want to DIY a majority of the gifts for the kiddos... but when it comes to hubby there are not too many things that I can think of to make for him and I would think that the same could be said for me... So I proposed that we only get each other one small gift (under $100) and buy a few key items for the house/for family use...

For example...

I would LOVE a new Vacuum.. not married to the Dyson and would love a good recommendation.

A 50mm lens for our canon camera

Possible trip to Copper Mountain for 5 days of skiing fun :-) dependent on finding someone to watch our kiddos. 

We are in desperate need for our main bathroom to be redone. Honestly, during the reno we will need to move into the basement and the buys will need to bunk together so we have really been putting it off. It is going to be a big reno... down to the studs and we will likely need to replace a part of the ceiling in our bedroom due to water damage in the attic. For gifts from other peeps (like my parents) I'm going to ask for items for the bathroom i.e- light fixture, fan... such exciting items to ask for :-)

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