Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Quick Six Fix Recap

This week I LOVED cooking from The Quick Six Fix cookbook by Stuart O'Keeffe.

MONDAY: Chicken Risotto (p.106) -- 

For this first dish I set that timer for 6 minutes and true to the claim I only had 6 minutes of prep work! The dish called for chicken but could also work with scallops or shrimp. I also felt that the  total cook time, between the cooking of the chicken and the risotto, was about 40 minutes... not the 30 minutes claimed BUT well worth it!

TUESDAY: Ten-Minute Coconut Shrimp Curry (p.93) -- 

SUPER easy recipe that I will make MANY more times! In fact I plan to always have the ingredients for this dish on-hand as it would make an easy meal to make when time is short on a busy weekday. I left out the mushrooms (we are not a mushroom family) and I would add snowpeas next time.

WEDNESDAY: Cider Pork with Broccolini (p.131) --

Ahhh the glaze on this dish is killer! Next time, I would even add a few figs and try it with fig jam as opposed to the raspberry jelly. Great just the way it is but I like to mix things up sometimes!

THURSDAY: Pizza Night!  

FRIDAY: Port-Marinated Skirt Steak with Roasted Grape Tomatoes (p.148), Velvety Smooth Mash (p.165, Chorizo Roasted Brussels Sprouts (p.185) 

We had friends over for dinner and everything was yummy. The only thing that I was slightly on the fence about was the addition of chorizo in the Brussels Sprouts. Just not my jam I'm more of a bacon girl!

SATURDAY: BREAKFAST: Speedy Gonzales Eggs (p.13)  

Another great dish! Just added some Avocado on top. Also, would NEVER, on my own, add crushed tortilla chips into scrambled eggs but, guess what people, it works! 

Didn't cook dinner tonight because well... I had a tub to hang out in with a few of my favorite peeps..

SUNDAY: Cider-Braised Chicken (p.114), Creamed Brussels Sprouts (p.186)

The Chicken dish was really great. I added some whole wheat pasta as a starch. For the pasta, after it was cooked and drained I put it back into the pan and added two spoonfuls of the reduced leek sauce, for a little favor.

For the Creamed Brussels Sprouts... the only word needed is PERFECTION. I added a 1/2 Cup MORE of the heavy cream, that is called for, and reduced it down for an extra 5 more minutes. I wanted the dish to be extra creamy. Emma was even a fan and she HATES brussels sprouts.

So that was the week... and I've enjoyed the cookbook so much that I plan to cook a few more recipes from it again this upcoming week! Check back in tomorrow to see what the plan is!

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