Thursday, May 12, 2016

LeTote Love

I have to reveal that I still love using LeTote! In fact, I'm a bit obsessed!  I feel like any time I get a complement on what I'm wearing I have to reveal that I'm just RENTING the clothing or jewelry item... Yes, you heard that right!

Here is what came in my last box...

Vice Camuto- Twist Knot Dress 
Retail $128 // LeTote $96

Octavia- Alanna Quilted Skirt
Retail $68 // LeTote $54

Potter's Pot - Multi Plaid Sweater
Retail $48 // LeTote $41

Ava - Quilted V Pouch
Retail $42 // LeTote $28

Lucky Brand - Triple Beaded Necklace
Retail $49 // LeTote $22  

The Way It Works!
  1. Complete a style survey on-line and add items that you like to your virtual closet. 
  2. About a day before your Tote ships you receive an e-mail which shows the items that are scheduled for you. The newest LeTote feature is that now you have the ability to swap out items that you're not a fan of. ** This is a SUPER helpful feature for me as my needs change based of my work and travel schedule and I can customize my box to meet my needs. 
  3. Two - Three days later you come home to an awesome box from LeTote with FIVE goodies. Three items in the box are clothing and two are accessories (i.e.- Jewelry, scarfs, bags...) 
  4. Wear your items for as long as you want to! 
  5.  Return any items that you don't want to purchase! If you do decide to keep something just don't send it back and you will be charged the LeTote discounted price. OR you can send back all of your items. 
  6. The second that LeTote receives the notification that you have sent back your tote (in the USPS pre-paid pouch that they provide to you) the whole process starts back over. AND you can do this for an unlimited number of times per month. It all just depends on how long you hold onto each Tote.  
  7. Important to Note: All Items are dry-cleaned and sanitized before they're sent to you! I've never received anything that I could even tell was warn by someone else.
Best Part about it is that by clicking HERE you can join and get $25 off your first Tote! Why not give it a try for a month!

Even better though... if you are one of the first TWO people to leave a comment on this post I will send you the first month for FREE!!!

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