Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mother's Day Recap 2016

Last week we celebrated Mother's Day and I wanted to share a few of the details from my day...

It included LOTS of snuggles with the kiddos! They were the cutest bringing me little "presents" all day, like legos and trains, and they would scream, "Happy Balentine Day." A+++ for effort and heart Park Boys! They knew that it was a special day but couldn't remember Mother's Day. 

We, of course, also had my mom over and ate crabs! (Next week I will share the gift that I made for her)
On Mother's Day the boys and I planted the flowers in the planter on the table above.

On top of the crabs I also made some other yummy dishes.


AND... we cannot have crabs without this lady at my house.... so much fun!

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