Friday, September 30, 2016

Goodbye September

Bottom Line Up Front... I didn't do too amazing with my goals for the month of September. I was on the road for 12 days out of the month with work and well just didn't manage to get everything done... Maybe I should just add all my shortfalls to January or February and just give up until then... nah, that's not me...
Here is the rundown of how I did...
Celebrate Hunter's Birthday- SUCCESS
I was home to celebrate with Hunter for Breakfast on his actual birthday and we celebrated with friends and some family, the following Saturday, with a fun MONSTER BASH... I failed to take a SINGLE photo of the party! So friends if you took any... please send my way.
Back to School - SUCCESS
All three kiddos are currently enrolled in school. Emma is loving her 7th grade year, so far, and theater is currently her favorite subject. The boys are both enrolled in the same pre-school and they go 5 days a week from 9-1. Gibson has had some potty regression since starting but that is just a work in progress.
Work out 3 times a week - HAHA FAIL
I always feel like on work trips I'm going to have more of a chance to work out but with time changes and the fact that I cannot take a sleeping pill I find myself with NO energy to work out because I don't sleep very well.
Blog 7 times - FAIL
Only did 5 posts, if you also count this one... I actually planned 12 but... that obviously didn't happen.
Purge 100 Items - SUCCESS
Thanks to ThredUp this was an easy tasking! I finally went through about 10 bins of baby girls clothes and purged any items that were not smocked dresses to hand down, should Emma have a girl one day... I'm giving up on my dreams for another one... and should we be so lucky she can get new clothes.
Clean out room for Baby Lincoln - SUCCESS
The Crib isn't up or anything and were are no where NEAR having this room fully set but it is cleaned out and I'm currently using it as a little office. I'm in there for a bit each night working on things for Birch Event and Design.
Make a coffee table - FAIL
I have about half of the materials needed for the table but just haven't had the time to really take this on. What we need to do is hire a babysitter for one Saturday and just really tackle this project... wishful thinking
Buy a new entry way light - SUCCESS 
Purchased and currently in the office. Cannot wait to get it installed and to share photos on here.

Figure out bedding for Baby Lincoln - FAIL
I know that we are going to go with a gray nautical theme but still on the fence regarding making our own round crib bedding or finding someone else on etsy to do it for us.
Return Tile to Home Depot- FAIL
I thought that I would get to this last weekend but time just ran out. This WILL get done this weekend though!!!

Tomorrow I will share my goals for the month of October. I'm going to try to keep it realistic considering I will be away from home 16 days!!!

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