Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Baby Park at 21 Weeks & a Name!

Cannot believe that we are already halfway through this pregnancy!

We hit that 21 week mark last Saturday and I am shocked! This pregnancy is just flying by thanks to keeping busy with the other three kiddos that we already have AND all of the work trips.

This week we had an ultrasound appointment and an appointment with my AMAZING doctor, James Kacedan! It was so great to see our little man, to hear his heartbeat, and to know that all is tracking perfectly. My doctor says that I'm his easiest patient and that I can have as many babies as I want... no thanks! I'm thinking this might be it...

Excited to also say that we have a name for the little guy and just to warn you please love it or hate it...

Lincoln Thomas Park

Yes... Lincoln Park... but NOT like the band... and yes, I know that there is a band...

How did we come up with the name??? Honestly... Etsy! I was on a work trip and signed onto the website to find a gift for a friend who is having a little guy and saw the below photo and thought.. WOW I love that name!

The middle name, Thomas, is after Matt's father.
We are very excited to welcome little Lincoln in January of next year... just stick in that belly for, at LEAST, 17 more weeks!

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