Monday, September 12, 2016

Hunter is FOUR!!!

I cannot believe that my little guy is FOUR today! time has just flown by!

It seems like we were bringing him home from the hospital just a few months ago!

I was lucky enough to be home this morning to get the little man up, Surprise him with yummy Birthday pancakes, and take him to school. I was suppose to already be away on another work trip but the start time was delayed by a few hours so I was able to see this little guy on his birthday!!!!

Before bed last night, I was a hot mess with tears in my eyes while tucking him in. My emotional and observant son immediately noticed that I was a little sad and he asked what was wrong... and I told him that Mommy was just thinking that this was the last time that I would be putting him to sleep as a three year old and that he would never be three again... BIG MISTAKE! He started crying hysterically saying that he wanted to stay his age and that he wasn't going to go to sleep. After about twenty more minutes and three more books he was finally calm and ready for bed... he probably milked that a little but I was happy to sit criss-cross apple sauce on the floor in their room with my two little guys snuggled on my lap. It was also a reminder that my belly is growing and that soon we probably will not be able to sit like that... #allthemomtears ... Who cares about bed times in those moments! 

Some Birthday Monsters came by for a visit last night and decorated his door. Also, Elmo, Olaf, and a few other friends were on hand this morning for a birthday surprise... The balloons that they brought along were a HUGE hit!

So happy that I was able to celebrate this morning and I cannot wait for Hunter's Monster Party on Saturday! 

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