Monday, June 14, 2010

Photo Session in Traverse City

I'm aware that I failed to write about out Traverse City visit last week.... Well I was waiting to hear back from a certain someone...

Melissa McKolay of McKolay Photography

I heard back from Melissa over the weekend and instantly booked a sunset photography session for the evening of Friday, July 9th!!!

I decided that there was no better place to do our family photo session than Matt's beautiful hometown of Traverse City! After some website stalking of local photographers I settled on Melissa McKolay. This photo session is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do and I even included it on my 30 by thirty list. The plan is to use a photo from this session on our Christmas Card this December. I'm beyond excited!!!

Now for the fun part... decided where we should do our shoot and more importantly what to wear! I will, of course, be basing all outfit decision off of what Emma will be wearing...

Should I put her in a bold print in a GREAT color

or keep it traditional and stick with white

Both dresses are from Janie and Jack

1 comment:

  1. Both are very cute and she will look adorable in either. Since no one else has commented yet I'm going to choose the white. White is always great in a picture. Where will the pictures be taken? Think of your surroundings in making your final decision, you want to stand out. I'm sure the pictures will be great no matter.