Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Wedding Ceremony

Today I am here to share the ceremony. I was going to space these wedding posts out a bit but after a few requests I am just going to continue with the wedding love.

Matt's Grandmother

My Grandmother
Matt's Grandmother and Grandpa

Matt's Mom and Dad

Matt's Mom lighting Matt's Unity Candle

My Mom






Christopher with my Grandma's Bible

Emma and Claire walking down the aisle. The personalized flower girl baskets were made out of birch with moss on the inside. Engraved in the outside is M+J inside a heart. There were ordered from etsy and were only $30.00 each. I thought that there were a great way to tie in the birch to the ceremony.

Here you can also see the flower displays on the pew ends. These birch baskets were also ordered from etsy

Matt looking down the aisle

Here comes the bride

Giving away

Did someone really just yell the three letter word for intimate relations???

We asked our mothers to do the reading together


I love Christopher in this photo.

Walking up to the alter

Blessing of the rings

Ring Time

Blessing of the couple

Unity Candle Lighting. This was such an important time in the ceremony as this was not only the union of myself and Matt but also the union of a family. Below is the wording used during this important moment.

Pastor to people:
You will observe that there are three candles on the Unity table. Through the love and illumination of God, your paths have come together, and in this symbolic ceremony, you will each take a lighted candle, representing your previous separate pathways, and together you will light the Unity candle, symbolizing your willingness to walk life's pathways together as one family.
Emma will you please come forward.
The gathering of this new family will have a deep influence upon Emma. We realize that in order for the home to be a happy one, it is essential that there be love and understanding between Matt, Julie and Emma.
Matt and Julie is your love for each other broad enough to include Emma and deep enough to honor her presence in this marriage and to pledge yourselves to love and care for her?
Matt and Julie: 
It is.  
Pastor to the Bride: 
Julie, please light the taper candle for Emma.
You may all now proceed in the lighting of the Unity candle.
All light the Unity Candle.

Bless Matt, Julie and Emma,
As they continue in relationship together as a family;
Three strands tightly woven together in love and peace.
We praise you for all the joys of their home and life together,
And for their faithfulness to you and to one another.

Matt also took this time to present Emma with a beautiful engraved heart necklace as a vow to her.


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