Monday, September 12, 2011

Where I want to be: Hotel Yountville

With all of the rain we have had the last few days I cannot help myself from daydreaming about going on vacation to get away from all the wetness!

Where might I want to go... Well Napa, California of course. With beautiful fall weather I would love sitting on a vineyard without a care in the world.

I would stay at the AMAZING Hotel Yountville! The design of this property is exactly what I want my home to look like and the hotel rooms are what I would like to model my master bedroom addition after! After seeing these photos I want to instantly start planning a design board for our future space.

Take a look at these photos featured on their website and you will see why I'm in love with this hotel! Try not to drool on your computer keyboard!!!!

The gray washed wood beams are gorgeous in this lobby and I am in LOVE with all the furniture in this space. I will take one of everything please for my living room!

LOVE the large candle lanterns lining this beautiful pool.

Couples massage! Sign me up!

Walking in the beautiful vineyards! This is where I want to be right now... with a picnic blanket and my Zoom reading the 3rd book in the Hunger Game series!  

Restaurant on the property!
Yummy yummy!

And now for the guest rooms... I love the simplistic elegance!  

I LOVE these pillows! 
LOVE the table, chairs, sofa, pillows, artwork, light fixture... YES I LOVE IT ALL!

Here are some additional photos of the beautiful surroundings. 

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