Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun with the bubbly

Now as a mom when I hear "fun with the bubbly" I automatically think of Emma playing with bubbles... Well a few weekends ago I got to have some adult bubbly fun... and get your mind out of the gutter I'm talking champagne here people!

I was honored to host a bridal shower for a great friend Kim at my home! Here are some of the highlights from our afternoon of fun!

The theme of the party was cupcakes and champagne!!! I also incorporated the bride's colors for the wedding which are pink and purple so I tried to carry the theme and the colors through everything that I did.

Here is the beautiful bride-to-be in front of the cupcake table! Cupcakes are Kim's favorite! Jeff, her fiancé, even proposed to her with some Yummy Georgetown cupcakes.

I made all of the above cupcakes from scratch with a little help from Ming Makes Cupcakes. I've used this website before for great recipes. All cupcakes were in pink or purple cupcakes sleeves to pull in Kim's colors. I used the Wilson cupcake stands to hold the majority of the cupcakes. These stands come in two sizes... one which holds regular cupcakes and another that holds minis. I utilized two of each!  For the rest of the cupcakes I used cake stands and plates that I already had on hand.

I set up a small drink station on the bar in our kitchen which featured sparkling Pink Lemonade and Pomegranate juice (Kim's colors! Pink and Purple) for those who did not want alcoholic beverages. I also had Cupcake Vineyard red and white wines on hand and PLENTY of champagne!
The champagne glasses had adorable purple and white swirly straws that I ordered from my favorite website... etsy!!

For the favors I typed a few of my favorite cupcake recipes for all of the ladies to take home and tied them with purple and white bakers twine also purchased from etsy. The cute scalloped note cards were purchased from Staples.

Another favor was an individually boxed cupcake for each person to take home along with mini bottle of pink POP champagne as seen below! These clear cupcake boxes were purchased on amazon. I assembled them all the week before and tied the bakers twine around and placed a personalized sticker on the outside. About an hour before the event I placed the cupcakes inside and arranged the little display that you see above!

The POP Pink Champagne was an element that I immediately knew that I wanted for this event. These pink mini bottles of fun just scream Kim! Watching TV one night I tied the purple and white straws to the bottles with the bakers twine to pull everything together. I also displayed them on a mirrored tray so that the fun colors would be reflected!

As guests started to leave I made a bag for them to take home with a sticker that says LOVE champagne and cupcakes.

This great logo was made by using the FREE Custom Monogram Maker at Wedding Chicks Blog. This site allowed me to pick the border color, wording color, and the words that I wanted to display under the LOVE... I printed these on sticker paper purchased at Staples.

I used the monogram maker to make labels for the cupcake boxes, the top of the recipe cards, the favor bags, and I used them to show what foods we were having.

Here is the completed favor table
Yummy Food!
Kimmy and Holly, the made of Honor!

Game time! We quizzed Kimmy to see how well she knew Jeff. If she got an answer wrong she had to take a big sip of champagne!


Kimmy with her new MILLER signed! Look familiar? It is what Kim gave me for my bridal shower and it is truly one of my favorite gifts and fits perfectly in my dining room!


  1. so, i have to tell you first of all, this looks AMAZING. wanna throw me a bridal shower too?? :P LOL. WHERE did you find those mini champagne bottles??! they are perfect!!

    secondly, small world: my good friend Julia Tetrault (a former co-worker at the Jefferson) was a guest at this shower! how funny! :D

  2. This is wonderful! I love all your details! You did a great job and I loved seeing peeps of your home!