Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Before I became Mrs. Park

To continue in my goal to get wedding photos on here before we hit a year... I have decided to post the final photos of me before walking down the aisle.

I apologize in advance for the excessive number of photos in this post!


I'm in love with my Mrs. Park Hanger from Etsy!

My Dresses!
The Wedding dress was purchased from a small store in Savannah that was going out of business. YES... I will admit that I purchased my wedding dress MONTHS before Matt even proposed. But I fell in love with the dress and with the huge discount I could not pass it up.
The shorter dress for the reception was actually a full length wedding dress from Nicole Miller that I had shortened when I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

 All my amazing girls before I got my dress on.

 Time to get Dressed!

 Walking out in my dress for the first time.

 Getting tied in...

 Final hair touches

 Of course I am on my Blackberry

 Getting on Snow Boots

 Time to leave

 Walking out of the Jefferson for the last time as a single lady!

Of course I had to see the set up at the reception venue before going to the church
Back of my dress
A few adjustments to the photo display

Side View

Walking across the street to the church
My amazing Bridal Party

Anne - My amazing sister-in-law



Christopher - My little ring bearer. The bible that he is holding actually belonged to my maternal Grandmother Jones who was with us in spirit on this special day.

Hugs with a nervous Emma



Seeing my Daddy for the first time!

Tears for both of us

My brothers- Alan & Dan

With my Parents

Don't I have a good looking Family!

Final adjustments before walking down the aisle! Christopher's flower actually broke in half and I used double sided tape to make it stay upright.

Final words with my girls

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  1. Gees...I have to wipe tears from my eyes. I love your pictures and seeing your parents gave me the final choke! You looked so great and everyone else did too...looks like you planned it so well and like you were gracefully in charge! Kudos...Liz