Tuesday, May 15, 2012

21 Weeks

Pregnancy: 21 weeks.. just over half way there

Sleep: Sleeping a little better... Matt got me a body pillow for Mother's Day
Gender: BOY

Names: Matt and I are starting to look into names. Matt even thinks that we should wait until our little one is born... HELLO does he not understand the need to get things monogramed

Feeling: Feeling great!

Health: So leading up to week 18 I was in a TON of pain each day. By the end of the night I was not able to put weight on my left leg and my nights usually end with a back massage from Matt and tears. At my 18 week appointment our doctor prescribed physical therapy and I have been getting massages for the last two weeks to release some of the tension in my back. Things are actually starting to look up. My doctor also thinks that as the pregnancy progresses and the baby weight moves up that the weight will shift and come off the nerve... we will see... fingers crossed!

During our 18 week ultrasound the baby was measuring one week early so according the their calculations I might be 22 weeks at this point or I just have a big baby. Each time that we have been to the doctors our little boy has measured ahead of their last calculations...

Another item that came up is that my placenta is currently a little lower than where they like for it to be. This means that we will have another big ultrasound appointment around 28 weeks to see if there has been any movement and if not they will continue to monitor as I might need a C-Section to ensure that it does not burst during delivery... Might be a little TMI for some folks but these posts are also for us to look back on and remember things so there will be a few times when a little more info is shared. :-)

Movements: Emma was finally able to feel movement around week 19! She was so excited.

Next Appointment: OB: May 31st at 23 weeks!!

Non Baby Highlight of the Week:
  • Emma finished Awana last week. Awana is a program at our church where kids get together to memorize Bible verses, play, and fellowship together. This was Emma's 1st year in Awana but the last year that she would be in the SPARKS group. There are three sparks books and typically children complete one book a year... Not our Emma though! She completed all THREE books in the one year! We are sooo proud of her!