Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hunter at 12 weeks

Hunter was 12 weeks old on Wednesday. Things were a bit crazy in the last week so I missed the post. The above photo was Hunter at 12 weeks and two days! What a cutie!

Look at the little guy earlier in the week! AHHH can you believe the difference from when he first came home from the hospital...
This week Hunter:
  •  Discovered that he has control over his own hands. He will now grab for his toys and hold them in his hands. He will also hold his own hands on his chest. It is SUPER cute.
  • Emma changed her first diaper... she is actually REALLY into it and now asks multiple times a day if Hunter needs his diaper changed in the hopes of getting to do it herself.
  •  Hunter is such a strong little man. He is able to support all of his weight. Just needs a little help to balance.

Week 12 was a tough week. I few nights this week Hunter would only sleep for a max of 2-4 hours and he stopped taking naps during the day for two days. This resulted in a VERY cranky and overtired little man. I read online that this happens frequently around 12 weeks as there is a growth/developmental spurt.
Went into the office twice this week for 4 hours each time... I enjoy being around people and the fast work pace but miss Hunter. It will only get harder before it gets better as my hours are slowly increasing.

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