Friday, December 7, 2012

Quick Organization Station

The other day I spotted a small plain pegboard that I had purchased a few months ago but hadn't used yet. I decided to take action and find a home for this!

First I added some command strips to the back
Added the vinyl P that I originally used on my cheese dome... Figure I'm going to personalize that for someone else so I might as well work with what I already have... Anyone else can always print out a Letter on card stock and use spray adhesive or even tape to temporarily hold it into place on the pegboard.
Next, I took my little pegboard outside with some black spray paint and went to town.  
After only 30 minutes I went back to check on the project... ALL DRY. I removed the P and decided on a home for the board.
Inside of our kitchen I do not have a good place to put items that I need reminding about... like invitations, list of library books, coupons, gift certificates... so I decided that the perfect place for the pegboard would be inside of the kitchen cabinet that holds all of our everyday dishes AND cups! We open this cabinet the most and it is the perfect place of a little organization station!
I peel off the back of the command strips and simply press into place!
What a simple project and one that will get a ton of use!

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