Thursday, July 11, 2013

Porch: Coffee Table

For about a month I had been debating what to do for a coffee table in our screened in porch. 

I originally wanted to make a table myself like this one

But after creating a daybed for the space I decided that was enough building for me... also when all is said and done the DIY wooden coffee table would cost a little under $150... which I was not all that excited about.

So I had been looking for other options. I was about to just cut off the legs on a NASTY table that we use to have and refinish but I was NOT looking forward to that project and as a result I had been stalling. AND I'M HAPPY I DID

On 4th of July I headed over to my favorite thrift shop, B-Thrifty, in Woodbridge, Virginia. On major holidays they frequently run a 50% off sale on all of their merchandise (to include furniture).

And look what I found! 

The wicker chest was not in the best shape. The wicker was torn off in a few areas and the paint had seen better days!

But just look at the price!!!

and remember  they had a 50% off sale that day so I took it home for just under $20.00!!! 

Once we got home I promptly removed all of the hardware and got my spray paint on! 

Much nicer... As you can see I did a white coat on the base and I did lime green (that I already had on-hand) on the hardware! 

Here she is all finished!

LOVE HER and I love the $20 price!


  1. Amazing Idea Julie !
    Now you can utilize your old box as a table to serve hot coffee. I am loving this idea and will definitely try this.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

  2. Did you apply primer to your piece first before painting white? Love the idea of painting the hardware a difference accent color.