Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Porch Pillows

It is Pillow time!

I have to admit that this is one porch project that is not completely done but at least we currently have a good base when it comes to pillows on our daybed. 

The current mixture is 50% store bought and 50% homemade. 

The store bought pillows are from IKEA. I purchased 4 of the great 20x20 Gurli Covers in Green. I mean at $3.00 each you cannot beat that price!!! (Additional Colors: Beige, Black, Blue, Gray, Pink, Red, White, Yellow)

On the inside I did the IKEA Inner cushion which is 20x20 and only $2.99 each

 One of these great cushions went on each of our black chairs 

The other two are on the daybed. But I also needed some larger custom pillows for the daybed and decided to make them on my own.

I ended up making three pillows using my extra package of window panels!

I used the 26x26 Gosa Aster pillows from IKEA (only $7.99 each) to make three larger pillows that now line the back of the daybed. To keep the pillows looking uniform I also sewed a 1/2" double border around the edges of the pillow to match the smaller green ones from IKEA.

They were extremely easy to whip up and I have some plans to sew some additional pillows for the daybed.. but this is what we are currently looking at...

I LOVE IT! I like that everything is really coming together and that the space has just the right amount of pattern and color.

Our current "pillow" total for the room is  $47.93 (didn't count the window panel that I used to create the larger pillows because that was already accounted for in window treatments)

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