Monday, July 8, 2013

Porch: Seating

I'm back to share some seating that we purchased for our newly decorated screened in porch!

I knew that I wanted some additional seating but I was on a budget! IKEA to the rescue with three GREAT chairs/stools!!

On a visit to IKEA in May I came across the super cute Agen Children's Chair

At only $19.99 I knew that I wanted this for my little Hunter Man but I was not digging the color... a little too plain for my porch. My best friend Miss Spray Paint came to the rescue and after three light coats I was left with the perfect chair... Little in size and BIG in personality!

During that same trip I also tackled my adult seating issues... I originally went to IKEA to purchase. the Byholma Chair

But fate had a different idea because they were out of stock... So I was SUPER bummed out! My thoughts were "at least I have a cute chair for Hunter and I will come back another day.."

Before checking out though I stopped by the GREAT damaged section and found THIS beautiful chair at 30% off because it had a few dings...

It is the Storsele Chair and retails for only $119.00... I had loved but considered over my price range. But I took this as fate and scooped up the damaged chair for only $83.30 and grabbed a second chair for the full retail price.

Here are a few photos that I snapped of the damaged chair when I got home... 

Nothing that couldn't be solved with a little flat black spray paint! After a light coat over the damaged areas we were good to go!

While at IKEA I also scooped up three of the Marius Stools in White... at only $5.99 a piece there was NO WAY that they were not coming home with me
When I got home they received a colorful makeover. Two of the stools received a Navy top with Lime green legs and the last stool received the reversed paint treatment... a Lime Green top and Navy legs. I did the spray painting before they were assembled which made the project SUPER simple.

I also love that we can unstack the stools for extra seating or leave them stacked and use them as a little table!

Here you can get a sneak peak of our seating... Things have changed from when this photo was taken so only look at the seats :-)

My total on seating from IKEA comes to $240.26... and for the makeovers I used spray paint that I already had on hand. SCORE!!!

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