Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Porch: Window Treatments

I'm back for the second day in our week of porch project reveals

I am SOOO excited to share with you our awesome window treatments!!! Surprise Surprise they are from IKEA....

I went to IKEA in search of the Vivan Curtains which are only $9.99 for a pair! Cannot beat that price...
But after much searching I couldn't find them in the store... I asked a sales associate who kindly informed me that they were discontinued... FAIL!

But back in the corner of the store a bright and bold pattern caught my eye.
There they were... the PERFECT curtains for my porch! They are the Janette Curtain and are a little more expensive at $24.99 for a pair (Still a great price). In fact they are so much nicer when compared to my original curtain pick. The heaver weight (almost like a canvas) and the fact that they are machine washable make them well worth the extra money!

So I forked over almost $100 for four pairs of curtains (I only hung 6 panels but kept the other two for other items)

I typically use curtain rods but for the screened in porch I decided that I would try something new.
I settled on the Dignitet Curtain Wire from IKEA. I liked that it looked so much lighter and less bulky compared to a traditional rod.

I purchased two packs as well as a few of the Dignitet Support/Corner fixtures. My total for the hardware came to only: $45.94

When I got home I measured, cut & hemmed the curtains to the perfect length. The curtains are originally 98" which I LOVE! Usually you have to pay so much more for curtains that long!

I did a double hem so that it would hang a little heavier on the bottom.

Now I have to admit that the Dignitet System was a PAIN it the booty to hang... there was cussing involved and at one point I thought that I had cut the wire down too small and I cried to Matt... He was amazing and immediately came out and fixed the issue for me. Such a nice hubby!

But I love that the system allowed for me to easily hang a panel in the corner and after I cussed my way through one section the others went up much easier. 


These bright panels really made a HUGE difference in the room and they were the perfect starting point for inspiration in the rest of the space... I mean just look at all of those fun colors!

I would  HIGHLY recommend looking at IKEA for economical window treatments!

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