Monday, August 19, 2013

Basment Playroom: Before!

So  goal on my August list was to Declutter and work on my basement... This space is actually a play area for the kiddos and a space that I have been wanting to show some extra love to for a while now.

Here is what we are working with...

Yeah... not exactly my dream space for the kids... here are the areas I hope to tackle:

  • Organization of Emma's Barbie and American Girl Dolls
  • Skis put away... Hello it is AUGUST!!
  • See that big old 60" rear projection TV... yeah Matt MIGHT just divorce me if I cannot get rid of it by the end of the month
  • Back door painted a bright color.
  • Brighter colors
  • Fun artwork
  • Fun light fixtures
  • Updated desk area... Because this is just NOT appealing to me.
  • We have an old coffee table down here that I would like to transform into a play table with Chalkboard paint and craft paper. 
  • New rug that is brighter?
  • New pillows on sofa
Ultimately, I would like a bright and fun playroom for the kiddoes.

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