Thursday, August 1, 2013

Packing Emma Up for camp

This year Emma went to Camp Winshape for the third year in a row. (I went when I was younger)

S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, started WinShape Camps in 1985 with the hopes of creating a camp experience that would offer kids fun, adventure, lasting friendships and a closer relationship with God. Since then, thousands of WinShape campers have enjoyed the amazing programs at WinShape Camps.
Today, Winshape Camps offers a variety of camp experiences for boys and girls of all ages, including one-week and two-week overnight camp programs for boys and girls.

As a two week camp Emma is able to have a ton of FUN!!! But it also meant that I had a LOT of work to do to get her ready!

That is one big packing list.

Throughout the month of June and early July we slowly stocked up on our camp supplies and put together fun outfits for the nightly themed activities. 

Finally the night before we left to take Emma down to GA we started the packing process... My biggest recommendation is to pack all clothes in a labeled Ziplock bag. 
 Each bag received a top, shorts, socks & Undies 

After 30 Minutes of organizing and packing I was left with this pile...
that is one back for each day and a bag for each nightly activity... LOTS of clothes! 

Next up toiletries... 

With her shorter hair...Emma didn't need a ton of hair supplies but just in case I packed up a few hair bands to keep her hair out of her eyes and some clips. Another essential was her Knot Gene! 
all tucked neatly into a little bag

All other toiletries & Shower items went into this stylish bath Caddy
My mom bought Emma this neat sponge that already had the soap built in
Also important to have anti-itch spray when you go to camp!
As well as plenty of sunscreen and bug spray!

The girls are also required to drink a container of water by the end of each skill

A Bible and notebook are key items to have on-hand at a Christian camp! 

Lots of items to pack up... and in the end we were left with a trunk that looked like this! 

That is one happy girl though so totally worth the packing hassle!


  1. how many shirts, undies and pants did you pack

    1. I packed 10 of each of those items... Our Camp does do laundry half way through so she would really only need 7 HOWEVER I like to get her fun themed tops for a few of the evening activities and those are tops that she likely will not wear again after washing.... PLUS better to be on the safe side.