Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New desk area

One of the first areas that I wanted to tackle is the desk space....

Matt got Emma a super powered computer for her birthday this year and it has been down in our play room on an old desk.

The space was a DISASTER. Here were the negatives:
  • Desk didn't have enough surface space. 
  • The style of the desk is not what we were envisioning for the space. Too formal
  • The legs on the desk forced us to turn the "computer box thing" (yes that is the official term) on its side and I feel like it does not properly hide the cords
  • No leg space under the desk. 
So I purchased the extremely economical

Next I taped off the legs with some frog tape that I had on hand...

I applied navy spray paint to the legs and the drawer to give the desk some personality and here she is now...

I love her!Not only do I love the added color but also that the keyboard and mouse are tucked away in the pull out drawer. This makes the desk top look much less cluttered and there is now enough room on the top of the desk so that Emma could do homework here now. 

Now that this is also going to be a "homework station" I went to Pinterest to see what I should do with all that empty space above the desk... 

Here are some images that I found for inspiration:

 Also, LOVE this caddy!

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  1. That looks great Julie! Great job on it. The seagrass chair would look great with it!