Monday, August 12, 2013

Atlanta & the World of Coca-Cola

We just got back last night from a trip up to Michigan and I'm recovering from a nasty cold... Nothing beats being sick on your vacation!

So... in loo of a normal post I'm going to share some belated photos from Atlanta in July (When we took Emma down to summer camp).

Emma is such a WONDERFUL big sister and wouldn't let anyone else push Hunter in the stroller.

World of Coca-Cola Museum!

In front of the vault holding the secret recipe.

Emma loved the bottling plant

The family with the big bear!

Nana and Hunter! 

4D movie... Hunter was NOT a fan!

Emma's favorite part was the tasting room!!! Where you could try over 60 different Coke products and we tried them ALL...

Beverly from Italy was the WORST!!!

And Emma's first time just trying regular old Coca-Cola

Hunter decided to fall asleep since he couldn't take part in the tastings.

But they were nice enough to still let him become a Happiness Ambassador.

At the end of the tour we each received our own bottle of coca-cola that had been bottled that day in the museum! Hunter even got one and it is sitting on the bookcase in his room.

Of course, We couldn't go home without a polar bear

And a little one for Hunter Man

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