Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Craigslist Fears!

So I desperately need to sell some items on Craigs List...

I've been working on our basement playroom and as a result we have a few items that we no longer need anymore... Also confession we still have our old bar stools just sitting in the garage...

So today when I stopped by one of my favorite daily blog reads... 7th House on the Left I was excited to see a post all about selling items on Craigslist!

In the past I posted a HUGE TV with no luck...So fingers crossed I'm actually able to sell something this time... Here is a sneak peak on the key points.

  1. Always post large and clear photos. 
  2. Write your description in an easy-to-read list form. 
  3. Include your phone number in the listing.
  4. Add some personality to your writing.
  5. Check out the competition.
  6. Double- and triple-check your spelling.
  7. Delete and re-post your listing after 48 hours.
Be sure to stop by the blog to read the full descriptions. I'll post again next week with an update on how I did :-) 

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