Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Basment Progress

I swear I've been working on the basement playroom! I've just been such a slacker in blog world!

Here is one update that I was working on over the last weekend....This is what Emma's "American Girl/Barbie" Corner looked like:

The bins were just no longer functional for us and things were not fitting with the color scheme that we are trying to achieve in the space...  Only downside is that I really didn't want to spend much money when it came to revamping this corner. So... I shopped my mom's garage! There was an old book case that my parents were no longer using and it was just the perfect length for the space!

I didn't take a proper before photo but here it is laying down and partially taken apart...

Not exactly what we were going for... so of course I purchased some spray paint and got to work!

I started to spray the backing of the bookcase but the material was more of a plywood and was soaking in the paint too much... so I had to come up with a different solution.

here is the bookcase after my painting...

And here she is with my quick fix for the back!!!! How lucky that I had just the perfect roll of wrapping paper on hand to give the back of the bookcase just the right POP that it needed!

I love all of the colors together and the wrapping paper was super easy to put on with the help of some double stick tape and a razer!

So pretty! The Bookcase was free, Spray paint was $13.00, and Wrapping paper was free (because we already had it on hand)... not too shabby! Cannot wait to get this thing styled!

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