Monday, January 4, 2016

Favorite Gifts: Kitchen

Over the last few years I have received a number of cooking items that I LOVE and I want to share a few of them with you. These are all items that I have personally received as a gift or that I gift to my own friends on a regular basis.

Matt got me these for Christmas and I CANNOT wait to use them! I also love that the set came with a cookbook especially for the small cooking vessels. 

Salt Block Cooking Cookbook and a Salt block! 
What a unique cooking experience. I have only done non-heat on my salt block. It is SUPER powerful! 

 I actually just recently bought this for myself and I LOVE IT. Like that the grocery list is attached! so practical and CUTE 

This is BY FAR my favorite cheese knife brand. 

Who wouldn't want to get a beautiful walnut cutting-board that is perfect to display your yummy cheese??? If you purchase from this site you are also supporting a Veteran owned business!

This is a GREAT book with over 100 things that you can make and give as gifts. My plan is to make a few of these items with close friends throughout the year. 
 Love this new cookbook hat I got for Christmas. I like that it is divided into monthly sections so the recipes that you are making are seasonal. I also really like the headings on each recipe which outlines if the dish is Freezer friendly, make-ahead friendly, kid friendly... 

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