Monday, April 25, 2011

Bridal Shower Fun

I was lucky enough to have two AMAZING bridal showers!
The first was hosted by my beautiful bridal party at The Wine House in Fairfax, Virginia.

With Holly! My wonderful Maid of Honor! 

My Mom, Tory, Krista, Tricia, and me! I worked with Tricia and Tory at the RNC during the last cycle and miss working with them sooo much!  

Me, Holly, Kim, Virginia, Aunt Val, and Heather! 
Holly, Kim & Virginia were a part of my bridal party and were kind enough to host this fun shower

The whole group! Since we are at a public location I wanted to keep the shower small and intimate. Just some of my favorite girls sharing some great wine and laughs!  

I received some great gifts at my shower. Showers are a great time to branch out and give the bride gifts that  are not on their registry but fit their personality! Like this beautiful crystal dish from Tiffany & Co. I currently have this dish on my coffee table with some chocolates that I brought home from Belgium. 

These cookie cutters, from Crate and Barrel, were on my registry and I LOVE THEM! Emma and I put them to great use... like the egg in the heart that we made Easter morning! 

These etched wine glasses with the letter "P" were a great gift that I put to use all the time! 

  One of the most personal gifts that I received came from my wonderful twin Kim (we have the same birthday)!!! The Sign that says "PARK Established 2011" is WONDERFUL and fits perfectly in our dinning room. I can see the sign from the kitchen as well and any time I look up it makes me smile! 

Here is a photo of the sign in our dinning room! The color of the letters perfectly matches the pant that we used in that space... Like I said it is the perfect fit! 

And... while I stuffed some yummy food in my mouth we played a game... two lies and a truth... 

Here are some of the things that were declared about me... Can you spot the two lies. 

1. Julie bought a wedding dress and cut off the bottom
2. Julie assisted in taking a 5 foot trophy from a bar
3. Julie bought Matt a snowman bow tie for Christmas
4. Julie likes to dance in elevators late at night 
5. Julie has had to go to the hospital for getting Magnets stuck up her nose
6. Julie went poll dancing during the Republican National Committee

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  1. Looks like you had fun all around! Love the Park sign!