Friday, July 18, 2014

Prayers are needed

My heart is just broken today and I reach out to everyone for big prayers for my dear family. A few people have made comments about my frequent, as of late, visits to Savannah... and the reason for such visits were to spend as much time as possible with my big brother Alan and his AMAZING family.

Today my brother will be checking into a Federal Prison Camp for the next few years as a result of a white collar crime that was committed 5+ years ago. He has been sentenced to 38 months and as a husband and father of two young children THAT IS A LONG TIME. With "good behavior" he should get out earlier but still it is going to be a tough road.

Fortunately, he will be near his hometown so visits can be made in a weekly basis and it is a minimum security camp as opposed to a higher security facility. Even with frequent visits though this will be a HUGE adjustment for him and I know that tonight will be a hard one as he will be alone in his new reality.

My heart breaks the most today though for his wife and children. This sentence is also ultimately a huge punishment for them. With a minimum of two years without their loved one they will likely be changed forever from this experience. The sentence also means that they will be transitioning to a single paycheck household on a teachers salary...

Our family has really come together during this time and we are doing everything that we can do to be there for them. When standing outside of the courthouse immediately following the sentencing my first reaction was that I needed to move to Savannah to be their for my sister-in-law and the two children... Matt quickly made me see that it would be unrealistic to move so instead I've requested two days every month that he is away so that I can make the trip to Savannah and help the family for 4 days.

Both my brother and Sister-in-law have repeated the statement that they will not allow for this experience to define their entire lives and I agree 100% the judge said it perfectly “You have done good in your life and will in the future." We just need big prayers to get through the next few years.

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