Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Re-Cap

It is time to hold myself accountable... and let me just say up front that I didn't do well for the month of June.

Loose 5 Lbs-  YAY! I did meet this goal!
Return to work... Started back June 23rd to a CRAZY week! Gibson and Hunter seemed to make the transition really well and Hunter is loving spending time with his NaNa again.

Visit family in Savannah... Spent almost a full week in Savannah with Family. I was so happy that we were able to go down and I hope to visit again with the kiddos soon.

Get my car Inspected... I was 9 months late but I've finally gotten my car inspected and I'm looking forward to no longer getting tickets when in D.C.

Learn to post items on eBay... Happy to say that I have done this one and I'm so excited to get ride of all the STUFF that we no longer have a need for and make some extra money. The app on my phone makes it SOOOO easy to post items on-line! I'm having a hard time with the shipping costs though and a few times I've Just broken even...

Run 2 miles without walking... so I didn't run very much this month... I made it up to 1.5 miles without walking. I know that I could spew a bunch of excuses like... I traveled, things were crazy starting back at work, or it has been so hot out... but the reality is that I didn't truly make this a priority.

FINISH the freaking playroom... I have a reading nook that I want to complete and I really need to get the spare bed out of the room... work in progress.

Sew Gibson's Bedding... and fail... I cut one of the fabrics incorrectly and tried to reorder on-line but they were sold out... So I'm back to the drawing board.

Take the Virginia Real Estate Broker exam... Just have not had the opportunity to study for the state exam... things have been crazy and my focus has been on other areas in my life.

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