Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hunter at 22 Months

I need a pause button in my life right now! At 22 months Hunter is just so darn cute and I really want to just keep him this age (well except when he is throwing a fit). Actually tantrums and all I will take it!

His vocabulary is just growing by leaps and bounds every day. If fact over the weekend he learned how to say "Spiderman" of course it sounds like "byeman" or "myman" SUPER CUTE!

Here are some highlights:
  • 16 teeth WOW!!! Hunter went from 8 teeth to 16 in two months.  
  • Loves to brush his hair
  • Can sit for an hour and pour water from one cup into another. This boy is going to be an engineer.
  • Still loves being both a big and little brother. He absolutely adores his siblings.
  • When he falls down he will typically get right back up with a big old smile. Park boys are tough! No crying in this family.
  • First words each morning continue to be waff and if we toast anything the second he hears that thing pop up he runs into the kitchen screaming WAFFFFF
  • Is very good at utilizing a spoon to eat his yogurt in the mornings.
  • The only way we can get him to eat dinner is if we put only two bites of something on his plate once he tries it he is game for a whole plate... but it you fill his plate from the start he will NOT EVEN TRY IT! what an odd little man.
  • Loves tickles from his daddy and being thrown in the air
  • He is a pro at making animal noises
  • Just started liking puzzles
  • Still enjoys bath time but he WILL NOT sit down in the tub. He is terrified if we try to get him to sit and will just scream and scream. It breaks my heart to hear.
  • He has a special bond with Sophie. She is so patient with him as he climbs all over the poor girl!
Here are some photos from the last two months.. since I was a slacker and didn't post last month.

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