Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

Yesterday when I got home this was waiting for me...

I was so excited to get my monthly Stitch Fix Box!!! As I opened the box I saw pops of color peeking out of the edges of the tissue paper and I just knew that this was going to be a good box!

Here is the note from my stylist of the month...

I had a different stylist for this box which I have mixed feelings about... I read on a few blogs that people have the same stylist over and over which I kind of like because they can really get a feel for what you are looking for and what your comfort level is.. but I guess it is also good to mix it up because you get a fresh perspective and something new...

The box included a necklace, jeans, a dress, and two tank tops...

Here they are on... please excuse the horrible photos! I clearly fail at selfies!

Dress- 41Hawthorn Yellow Lex Textured Floral Knit Fit & Flare Dress

The color is very neon yellow with a gray pattern. Matt liked it a lot but I'm thinking that I'm too pale to pull this one off. The fabric also is a bit odd and doesn't hold it's shape very well. Kind of looks cheap. Not a fan.

Jeans - Kensie Tall Skinny Jeans 
Tank - Eight Sixty - Kalea Watercolor Print Zip Detail Blouse

I also tried the tank with a skirt for work

I'm a HUGE fan of the jeans!!! love love love!!! They are just a little too tight at the moment but I'm still in the process of shedding the pounds so I"m not too worried. I like how they are so long and bunch a little around the ankles. 

I also like this top a lot. the zipper will make it easy to feed and I love that it has so many colors so it will go with ANYTHING. Casual or dressy I think this is a win.

Jeans - Kensie Tall Skinny Jeans 
Tank - Kut from The Kloth- Cranston Cross Front Razerback Blouse
Necklace- Bay to Baubles 

Jeans are the same as above... 

The White Tank seems a little too boxy for me but I do like the crossing of the fabric in the front. Matt loves it sooo... 

Necklace seems super cheap and I've gotten nicer from Target recently 


Necklace: $34
Jeans: $88
Stripe Tank: $78
White Tank: $58
Dress: $74

TOTAL: 332
 I'm for sure not going to get everything... I know that I am going to pass on the dress and necklace but I will purchase the jeans! 

What are the votes on the two tank tops?

Want to try Stitch Fix??? I highly recommend Here is some additional Info

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