Friday, October 24, 2014

Favorite Things Friday

Cannot believe that I have not done a Favorite Things since August!!!

Here are a few things that have been catching my eye!

I love this tutorial for adding personalization to Billy bookshelves and making them look built in!
I am so excited that FALL is quickly approaching! These candy corn containers would be super cute little treats to make for Emma's classmates or even my co-workers!
I am a huge fan of the Under the Sycamore blog. This family has such an amazing story and they are all so creative! I cannot wait to purchase this book and start sewing with Emma! I really do find sewing to be therapeutic and think that it would be a good skill to teach Emma.
I've honestly been thinking that once Hunter and Gibson start bunking together that I would like to turn Gibson's room into an office as opposed to making it a guest room again... This studio office is a dream... I just want all of my sewing and crafting tools out at all times!

THIS salad WILL be made in my house this weekend! Goat Cheese and Figs!!! Yes please!
I plan on making a lot of our Christmas gifts this year (full post to come). These adorable Monster bibs would be a great gift to make for Gibson.

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