Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Re-Cap

Here is a run down of my September! I shared my goals for the month here

  1. Run a 5 Miles Race... I completed the Navy 5 Miler in 53:10.
  2. Maximize Family Fun Time... I'm happy to report that the last month was action packed when it came to family time...
  3. Start Christmas Shopping/DIY... I have a plan of a few gifts that I need to DIY... First I need my etching kit to arrive!
  4. Be a PTA Superstar... work in progress. Robotics club and other after school activities start next week and once those are rolling things will get easier.
  5. Throw an awesome Construction Birthday Party... DONE! Hunter had a blast with his friends!
  6. Become a LEGO master... I'm officially signed up as a leader for the Robotics club...

  1. Finish reading nook in playroom... Still need to do this.
  2. Trip to Savannah... Didn't get a chance to go down due to medical issues with Gibson.

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