Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gibson at 6 Months

Last week Gibson turned 6 months! Time is just flying by!

Here are a few photos that I managed to snap just the other day (he was NOT excited about it)! First time in JEANS... such a cutie!

 At 6 Months Gibson:
  • Continues to have his tongue out all the time and does not suck his thumb or a pacifier
  • Eats almost double what the "average" 6 month old eats in a day (in terms of breast milk) plus two extra scoops of formula in each bottle of breast milk.
  • Loves bananas, broccoli, quinoa, and strawberries
  • Sleeps 13 hours a night (7:30 p.m. - 8:30 a.m.)
  • Rolls all around
  • Sleeps on his tummy most of the time but will sometimes roll to his back
  • Laughs ALL the time and LOVES to just stare at Gibson and Emma
  • No stranger anxiety... homeboy will go to anyone.
  • Continues to have weekly "playgroups" with his doctor
  • Celebrated his big brother's 2nd Birthday
So here is the run down on Gibson and his weight. We still have no clue. We have discovered that Gibson eats about DOUBLE the amount of the "average" child his age. He typically eats 45+ oz and will down a 10 oz bottle like it is nothing. Our current feeding regimen (we have tried many in the last month) is to feed him two 10 oz bottles of my breast milk each day with two additional scoops of formula added into the milk bottle to add even more calories to his diet. After he gets those two bottles I'm able to breast feed on demand.

We continue to see our main doctor on a weekly basis for a weight check, nutrition re-evaluation (trying new things to get him to gain), and testing. Last week we went to a GI specialist at Children's hospital but she doesn't think that his lack of weight gain is GI related... but on a side note she plans to follow his progress because she has "never seen a baby his age that eats so much..." I mean that is really the main issue.... Gibson continues to be super happy and hits all other developmental milestones. If he wasn't gaining and consumed normal amounts of food I really do not think that anyone would be alarmed and heck I don't think I would be either... we would all just agree that he was a small guy and was likely going to be tall and skinny like his Daddy... The most alarming part to everyone seems to be that he drinks SOO much over the normal amount and that even with the addition of formula to my breast milk his weight just doesn't go up and even falls...

Here is a caloric comparison
  •  "typical" baby consumes about 25 oz a day at 20 calories per oz = 500 calories daily in milk
  • Gibson eats at least 45 oz a day at 20 calories per oz + 40 calories added from additional formula= 940 (at least) calories daily
  • We had one good week when we gained, which was exciting. However, once the doctor saw how MUCH he ate daily it was determined that he had made a mistake and added too much additional formula in because he was consuming over 1,100 calories a day for that week... After talking with a nutritionist to get the levels correct his formula was adjusted to just 4 additional scoops per day (equal to 40 additional calories).

Every week when I put him on the scale I just feel so defeated when he doesn't gain. Next week we are going to Children's in D.C to see a metabolic specialist . I'm looking forward to seeing what they say because these every week "playdates" to the doctor are not my idea of a good time.

Here is a look back at the last few months:

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