Monday, October 27, 2014

Stitch Fix #6

On Friday I came home to this beautiful box!

 I always get so excited to see it on my doorstep... Oddly so does Hunter! (He likes to jump on my stitch fix box... I can vouch that it is made from very sturdy cardboard)

I didn't write a post about my Stitch Fix#5 because I was so busy when I received it that I simply tried on the items and ended up returning them ALL for various reasons.

SO.. I was really interested to find what was in this box and if anything would excite me... the note was encouraging... I mean I LOVE dresses so this was sure to be a slam dunk right???

Bay to Baubles: Marka Teardrop Gen Statement Necklace ($42)

I failed to take a photo of this one but here it is from another blog 

It felt super cheap and it wasn't worth the money to me... I would rather them put in a unique piece that cost more. I still love my Teardrop Bracelet from the first box and just wish that they would come in with another slam dunk in the jewelry department. At the moment it just feels like they cannot find a 5th item so they just throw in a random jewelry item.

London Times: Carina Ombre Belted Dress ($98)
I was SOOOO excited the second that I saw this. It was the one item in the box that I was sure I was going to keep.

and after trying it on... not impressed. The fit was okay... bunched a little under the boobs. Honestly it just looked really matronly to me. In fact even Emma and her friend said that it looked like an old lady dress... not the response I'm looking for.

41 Hawthorn: Breyson Split Neck Pleated Sleeveless Blouse ($54)

At first glance I liked this top... Until I saw where the arm hole hit... they were SUPER long and you can see my bra

41 Hawthorn: Dorie Stretch Collarless Blazer ($88)
I was sure that I would hate this... I don't wear blazers alone... they belong with suits people!

So my first attempt at wearing I put it on with the black shirt and purple top...

Next I tried it on with a Cowlneck dress... they had it with a dress like this on the style card... Still not blown away.

So my cute hubby told me to try it on with some jeans and heels...

 Okay I can work with that...

Pixley: Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress ($68)

I'm all about a stripe

Emma and her friend loved this dress

In the back of my mind though all I could think about was a dress that I JUST purchased from Target for $28... I like that it mixes up the stripe look with a shimmery gray and I love the pleats in the front.

I think I will stick with my Target dress on this one...

So that was my box.

Here is the breakdown...

Necklace: $42
Ombre Dress: $98
Purple Blouse: $54
Collarless Blazer: $88
Striped Dress: $68

TOTAL: $350

If I were to buy everything I get a 25% discount. So with the discount and minus the $20 styling fee AND minus $30 in credits my total would be $217.50.
I'm not going to keep everything though... I am going to keep the blazer though... at $88 minus the $50 my total comes to $38.

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