Monday, January 26, 2015

Gibson at 10 Months

What a month it has been for my little guy!

This Month Gibson...
  • Visited cousins in Savannah. He is a champ in the car and he can transition to sleeping in new places nicely!
  • Got a new top tooth in! We now have FOUR teeth! What a big boy and he uses them all the time to chomp down on grub!
  • Can transition from sitting to pulling, halfway, up. Gibson will army crawl to the coffee table, sit, and pull up to his knees. He tried to get all the way up on both feet but we are not there yet.
  • Likes to gum on his blanket... this is an odd one for me... no matter how many teething toys I give the guy he likes to chew on his clothes or his blanket.
  • LOVES bath time. he is finally come into his own with bath time... still not a fan of his big brother pouring water all over his head but he holds his own now... He likes to try to "swim"
  • Drank water from a sippy cup for the first time.
  • Continues to be a super star eater. His favorites are berries and mashed potatoes
  • Gained a POUND! Huge accomplishment for the little guy and we are now in the 10th percentile and weigh as much as the "average" 6 month old! WAHOOO
  • Can wave! Matt was super disappointment to miss this as it happened for the first time in Savannah... at least I was able to send him a little video!

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