Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals for 2015

So I only have a handful of goals for the year...
  1. Continue to have a work/life balance.  Since Hunter's birth 2+ years ago I think that I have managed to work in high profile offices and still make time for my family. Here in January I'm going to be starting a new job at the Pentagon, in AT&L, and I hope that I can continue to get off at a decent hour. I currently go in early and get off in time to pick Emma up from school each day and spend important time with the kiddos each afternoon. As Emma is SPEEDING into pre-teen range I really to spend time with her while she will still hang out with me :-) 
  2. Get back into Simplify 101 bandwagon- I did this monthly organization method in 2013 and I really felt like I managed to get a lot more accomplished monthly. It forced me to focus on one area each month. I'm excited to start back up here in January. I will be sharing my monthly goals tomorrow. 
  3. Renovate our Main Bathroom - This HAS TO GET DONE! I'm pretty sure that this was on the list from last year... In fact it has been on the list since 2011. 
  4. Blog at least 15 times a month- I think this one speaks for itself. 
Here is to 2015! 

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