Tuesday, May 19, 2015

21 Day BeachBody Fix... THE START

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to start taking working out seriously... well let's be honest... I ran two days in a row and after that weeks of NOTHING!!

Then an angel whispered in my ear... Well actually my bestie Holly... but they are pretty much the same thing!!!

She has been raving about the whole 21 Day Fix through BeachBody Program and I figured that it was worth giving it a try.

The abbreviated concept is that for 21 days you eat clean healthy/natural foods in proper portions and you work out for 30 minutes a day EVERYDAY! After all they say that it takes 21 days to make a habit of something! MAJOR selling point with this program is that you can also substitute, occasionally, one of your containers for a glass of red wine!

I ordered my package through Holly, she is now my coach, and they sent me everything that I needed to be a success.

I carry this freaking eating plan around with me all the time!

 And I use these portions control containers to keep me on track and not over eat.

They also provided me with DVDs of the workouts and I am able to stream them on my computer for when I travel for work!

I'm really looking forward to the program and starting the habit of eating healthier. I'm not specifically trying to loose weight I'm just trying to be HEALTHY and make smart decisions!

PLUS the healthiest foods are really the yummiest! I mean look at some of the meals that I've already made while one the program.
This is my go to breakfast!
I also found this great website with some worksheets to make all of the tracking a little easier!
So who else wants to take this crazy 21 day challenge with me? If you are interested let me know and I would be happy to put you in contact with Holly and you can join our facebook group where we all keep each other accountable!
While I'm on the challenge I plan to have a weekly post devoted to my progress, thoughts on the program, and I will be sharing YUMMY recipes that I've tried out... ALSO I will be out of town for 10 days out of the 21 for work and I will share how easy/hard it is to stick with the program while on the road.

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