Tuesday, May 26, 2015

21 Day Fix: Week 1 UPDATE

So Monday marked my first full week with 21 Day Fix!!!

I'm happy to report that there was only one day that I failed to do my daily exercises. That is huge progress for this exercise hating mama! The first few days were difficult but now I've started to see an increase in energy and am actually looking forward to my thirty minutes of activity each day!

On the flip side I haven't seen too much of a change on the scale or my measurements. But again I'm happy with the program so far. I'm happiest actually with the decisions that I'm making when it comes to food. DUDE I was a horrible snacker! The clean eating and portion control hasn't been hard for my main meals but I'm seeing just how frequently I was making bad decisions and grabbing unhealthy foods just because they were around and easily accessible... I mean WTF do we really need cookies and doughnuts in the office almost every day... holey temptation! I am happy to report that I remained strong though and only deviated from the plan when we had people over & when we had dinner at a friends and indulged in a slice of pie!

Now the real test begins as I'm embarking on a 10 day work trip... Let's see how I deal when I'm on the road and in various countries/time zones.... In fact, as I'm typing this now there is a HUGE basket of super unhealthy but yummy snacks in front of me... Time to grab my go-to afternoon snack of Almond butter and an apple... and repeat over and over again that I will NOT each the chocolate chip cookies and fruit snacks... I WILL NOT!!!

I'll be back later today with a GREAT burger recipe!

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