Friday, May 22, 2015

National Heat Awareness Day

Now I know that everyone is looking forward to a long weekend and the "start" of summer.... but as a mama of three I cannot let today go by without highlighting that it is National Heat Awareness Day!

It is SOOOOOO important to remember that every year children die in hot cars. It breaks my heart and I cry uncontrollably every time I read or see a story about a little helpless child dying in a vehicle.

I personally have major anxiety about this issue and during summer months I ALWAYS leave my purse in the backseat when I have my kiddos with me. Chelsea, from Two Twenty One, shared a facebook post recently that she and her hubby put their left shoe in the back seat by the baby... not getting too far without that!

Whatever you do just make sure that you are mindful about that little guy or girl in your back seat! Accidents happen and people are forgetful especially when doing things outside of their normal routine that is why it is soooooo important to start a habit NOW that will force you to look in the back seat before locking up that car and walking away.

I would never want anything to happen to these precious kiddos
Our backseat configuration is a little different and kiddos are bigger but you get the idea of what is REALLY important!

here is a story about a young family that lost their little girl way too early!

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