Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend update

Dude we ROCKED this weekend! We are just knocking off items on my list of goals for the month of May!

  • Moved our old living room chairs over to my dear friend Virginia's house! She also received our old sofa, earlier in the week. Have to pay her back someway for all of the AMAZING photos that she takes of my family! ** If you live in Northern Virginia please check her out! House of Maps Photography
  • Woke up SUPER early to drive, an hour, to Warrenton for Emma's soccer game. Just the two of us went and it was great talking to her during the trip.
  • Cleaned out my Van... Matt feels that I do not appreciate my car and that it is always a disaster... He has cleaned it out multiple times and it always just goes back to its former junky glory... SOOOO he said that I needed to full detail it myself so that I would fully appreciate the effort that it takes to clean the car... Three hours later... after a lot of internal cursing... the car is immaculate...
  • Made this yummy dinner from veggies that I bought at the Farmers Market last week... Sooo good. Just some avocado oil, asparagus, peppers, tomatoes and salt/pepper to taste.
  • My little guy learned to stand up on his own. He is up to 4 steps now... YAY! 
  • After getting the boys to bed Emma and I went to see the new Pitch Perfect movie.
  • I successfully donated my 2000th item and fully completed my Declutter 2000 GOAL!!! WAHOOOO. I plan to keep my momentum going though and getting fully organized with the help of THIS book.
  • We are ALMOST done with the closet in the boys room AND I made a bed skirt! Bed skirt update tomorrow.
  • I took my measurements to start the 21 Day fix workout regimen from Beachbody. I did my first workout this morning... 20 days to go :-) My goal is to really just tone and start the habit of leading a healthier life. Cannot believe that I'm sharing this but here is a before.

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  1. Don't forget that Emma scored in her game Saturday!! :-)