Thursday, June 4, 2015

21 Day Fix - workouts

The more I do the 21 Day Fix workouts the more I LOVE them!

I've found it so easy to devote 30 minutes a day to my are super achievable. I mean you do each exercise for 60 seconds and just need to have the mindset that you can do anything for 30 seconds.

In the first week I had to modify I number of exercises but I've found in the second and third week that I'm getting stronger and able to work harder! I even think that on a few exercises that I'm going to up my weights to push even more... once I'm back from this work trip that is.

AND speaking of work trips... I've been on international travel for 10 days now and I've worked out EVERY SINGLE MORNING... Thanks to my work out partner Stephanie for all the motivation! It has been so easy to follow the program from my zoom (like an iPad). I've really felt great this trip with zero Jet lag... I'm giving all the credit to the fact that I'm working out and making healthier decisions

With the 21 Day Fix program you focus on a different area every day of the week:

DAY ONE: Total Body Cardio
DAY TWO: Upper Body Fix
DAY THREE: Lower Body Fix
DAY FOUR: Palates - An Active recovery day but I felt challenged
DAY FIVE: Cardio
DAY SIX: Dirty 30
DAY SEVEN: Yoga - Active recovery

There is also a 10 minute abs program... which is pretty hard core... you give it your all for 10 minutes and NO breaks... I only did the 10 minute abs on my yoga day and one of the other days when we were on the airplane for over 12 hours.

Each day I'm looking forward to working out and seeing how much more I can push myself. I haven't set foot on a scale in the last 10 days but I've found that some of the NEW clothes that I bought for this trip are a little big in the waist area!

Please know that all of these thoughts are truly my own... I'm not a beachbody coach and I'm not getting any type of kick back from the company... if you are interested in learning more though I would be happy to connect you with my bestie Holly who introduced me to the program.

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