Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

To say that I have the best father ever is a HUGE understatement.

He is the kindest most patent man that I have ever met. He has always been here for me in the good, bad, hard, and disappointing times in life. Both he, and my awesome mom, supported me when I got pregnant as a teenager. He pushed me to continue my education and due to both their financial and emotional support I am the woman that I am today.

I'm currently reading a book and there was a quote in it which is so appropriate, "God put my child in my life to teach me tolerance." and boy has my Dad had to tolerate a lot but he has always done so with a smile on his face and a steadfast loving attitude.  
My love for my Dad only grows with each passing year! I love the relationship that he has with my children and seeing how much they love and admire their PopPop!
Sad that I am not able to be with my Dad this Father's Day, I'm on a work trip, but I hope that he knows how much he is loved by his little girl!!!

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