Thursday, June 25, 2015

My "home" away from home...

So I'm currently back on the road again for work but ONLY 6 days this time! How warped that I feel like 6 days is a short period of time and the fact that I was excited that we only had a 7.5 hour flight last Sunday... so short haha... I mean that is when you know that you spend too much time in this airplane!

And don't even get me started on my thoughts about this bag...

Even though I HATE packing and seeing my bag because it means that I'm leaving my family... I am becoming quite the proficient packer. In fact, I think that it only took me 15 minutes to pack for this trip! I'll have to do a packing post here soon!

I was also excited to see these smiling faces.

They are a small portion of our crew on the E4B and they are crazy talented whipping up some yummy dishes

in their SMALL kitchen. I mean they feed about 80 people from that thing!

I also love our little conference room... Cannot take a photo of that but it is literally a big conference table with nine chairs and a TON of computer equipment to make sure that we can all continue to work on the road.

The only down side to the conference rooms is that with all the computers and recycled airflow it sometimes gets so hot in that I'm literally sweating. The best part is that the conference room creates an environment where you bond with your team! I mean these co-workers are more like family and this plane becomes my home when I'm on the road. They/it are the only constants... For example last trip we were up in the air for a total of almost 48 hours... that is a long time people!!!

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