Friday, June 12, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

  1. How interesting are these great Shywood wood-frame sunglasses. you can even get polarized lenses!
  2. Love a tool that will help with that Honey-do-list! I think that my hubby might need this Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System.
  3. How cute is this fishy keychain from etsy! Love that you can get all of your kiddos names on it. I'm a sucker for a personalized gift!
  4. Speaking of a personalized gift... I'm a HUGE fan of Shutterfly Coffee Mugs that you can personalize with family photos. I get these all the time for family members and Matt has two!
  5. This year my hubby started shaving with a razor again... This razor set is SUPER nice
  6. if you hubby or Dad does shave how neat to make a Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream!
  7. And for technology... I like this DIY iPad stand
  8. If you are really looking to DIY a gift this is a cute Father's Day clock!!!
Additionally I'm a huge fan of he Bespoke men's Subscription boxes! The best part is though that you do not have to get a full subscription... if there is a certain box that catches your eye you are able to make a stand alone purchase!

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