Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Skinnytaste - Part Three Re-cap

As always The Skinnytaste Cookbook did not disappoint last week. If you only buy one cookbook this year this is the one that I would recommend! Just look at all of this mouth-watering goodness!

Here us what I ended up making this week:

  • BREAKFAST: Corny Banana-Blueberry Pancakes (p.48) - Didn't love these... a little too corny for me.
  • LUNCH: Turkey Santa Fe Taco Salad with Avocado Crema (p.137)- LOVED this salad. I actually even used the turkey/corn mixture on a quesadilla later in the week... YUMMY!!!
  • SUPER BOWL SNACK: Caliente Bean and Queso Dip (p.101) - Yummy and SUPER easy. I would drain the chiles and salsa the next time that I make this. It was just a little too soupy but GOOD.

  • Pizza night... no energy to cook after I had done so much the day before and I was packing
  • Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken (p.73) ... made in advance

  • "Un" Stuffed Cabbage Soup (p.63)- Make in advance... was SOOOO good! I'm a big fan of cabbage so this was my jam.

  • Matt went out with a co-worker and My mom watched the kiddos so no dinner at home... it was going to be leftovers anyway.
  • Chicken Philly Cheesesteaks (p.84) - Also made the insides of these ahead of time. Used Red bell pepper because I'm not a green bell pepper fan.

  • Chinese Food
  • BREAKFAST: Dad's Jammin' Crepes (p.51) - AMAZEBALLS! I cheated a bit and put some Nutella in the middle! Two items to mention... the cinnamon in the mixture was key AND I totally failed at my first crepe but nailed the second... so don't give up if the first is funky! I'm going to add these into our weekend breakfast rotation!
  • DINNER: Kiss My (Shrimp and) Grits (p.219) - A great Valentine's Day dinner! As a southern girl this has my heart!
  • Cinnamon-Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (p.61)  - Didn't do the toasted coconut flakes on top. Very yummy though. Would be an easy one to make ahead and freeze.

  • Coco-Loco Mango Green Smoothie (p.24) - Hunter was not a fan of this one but that was good news for me... I could drink it all! Two alterations to the recipe... I didn't have coconut milk so I used vanilla greek yogurt and I didn't add coconut shavings.  

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